Our competencies span across the system of business and technical topics within product and service development that need to be covered to optimize for success.

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Creating software is about creating value. It’s as simple as that.

And yet, it is no simple feat to create usable, scalable, and relevant high-tech products and services with a high level of inherent complexity.

We know that, and our more than 160 customers throughout more than 12 years know that too.

We know your pains, and we know the ins and outs of different project delivery and development methodologies, technology stacks, paradigms, and whims and fashions of the software industry.
We’re not afraid to talk Continuous Delivery and DevOps, but don’t worry: water-scrum-fall and V-models don’t scare us either. Why?

We know that your business context and lifecycle needs are more complex than what can be easily patched with the latest buzzword-bandaid.

So get in touch today, and let's discuss how your technology project can mean business!

Translucent - Software Means Business
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What are we up to at Translucent? Actually, a lot of things. :-)




Our customers

We've helped more than 160 companies and organizations optimize the way they develop and operate high-tech software and hardware products and services.


We develop software products and services for our customers and for ourselves. Here are some of the public products we’ve developed for the Atlassian ecosystem.

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Securely encrypt sensitive information within Confluence pages. Always be able to decrypt and access it - even while embedded in offline documents saved and printed for emergency use with the use of Crypto's QR code technology.

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No more getting lost in the myriad of folders on your network shares! Get the Confluence search appliance and conveniently search files on your network shares from within Confluence - and open files directly in your native applications.

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