Gesture-controlled Jira Agile Wallboard

Skrevet 13. Jan, 2014 i Atlassian, Livet ved Translucent, Produkter, af Thomas Peter Berntsen

At Translucent we experiment a lot with design concepts for wallboards and information radiators which, among others, mash-up data from the Atlassian software products with key performance indicators (KPIs) from other corporate systems.

We believe that a wallboard can be so much more than simply a passive conveyer of information - or, if interactive, require the use of a mouse or keyboard to interact with its contents. Therefore we just had to build the world’s first (as far as we know :-) ) Leap Motion controlled Jira Agile Wallboard!

Leap Motion-controlled Jira Agile Wallboard

A mockup of the Leap Motion Controlled Jira Agile Wallboard by Translucent ApS

Using a few very simple hand and finger gestures in free space, a person may interact with the wallboard using only his or her hands and fingers, dragging epics, stories, bugs and tasks across the Jira Agile board, and making team-based interaction with Jira Agile a breeze - and very fun indeed.

Atlassian Jira and Atlassian Jira Agile are the perfect tools to facilitate agile development methodologies, lean operations and efficient workflows, and by adding gesture-driven interactivity to their elegant and well-functioning graphical user interfaces, a whole new dimension of displaying and interacting with them is made available.

The concept is continuously evolving, and we imagine that other gestures may allow for the switching of wallboard screens, so that people passing by e.g. a hallway-mounted wallboard may effortlessly switch between Jira Agile and other relevant KPIs, while also allowing them to zoom in on data that needs further explanation - all with nothing but hand gestures.

And we think that the gesture-driven interface will animate quite a few to try out interacting with the wallboard, when it will also allow them to leave their mark on the board through interactive wallboard games utilizing gestures as well as smartphones.

Translucent’s take on wallboards and information radiators

Wallboards and information radiators can be fantastic communicators of complex business information, as they allow an ever flowing stream of data and information to be aggregated, analyzed, mined, and presented to decision-makers, company employees and other stakeholders.

Thus, wallboards and information radiators can actually become one of the most reliable and up-to-date types of media for presenting the pulse of a company to its stakeholders, allowing them to make better strategic and tactical decisions.

But unfortunately, up until now, wallboards haven’t really offered much in terms of interaction with humans. Most wallboards have traditionally been very automated, showing nothing but (often outdated) slide decks in endless loops, and allowing zero interaction. Or they have been so technical in nature that they mandated the use of keyboard and mouse to interact with them.

Translucent’s aim is to change that by producing wallboard and information radiator concepts that are simply irresistible to interact with, and which present and accentuate KPIs in beautiful and easy-to-grasp interfaces.

More information

Get in touch if you would like to know more, read up on the Leap Motion controller and do visit Atlassian’s website to read more about their great products Jira and Jira Agile.

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